About College

Aandhikhola Polytechic is the Council for Technical Education and
Vocational Training (CTEVT) constituted institutions.
Where education is the basis of the economic development of the
country, technical education is the main basis. The Polytechnic
established in 2075 is located at Waling Municipality – 13,
Syangja. The establishment of this school is aimed at developing
the skills of Nepali youth entering the labor market from the
surrounding areas of Syangja district through technical education
and vocational training programs.
The three-year Diploma in Information Technology  program is
being conducted at the school, which started with a short-term
(390 hours) training programs based on the curriculum of the
Council for Technical Education and Vocational Training at five
different local levels in Syangja district. Other short- and long-term
programs based on local demand will be added in the future.
Preserving the environment for the next generation and using
information technology in educational activities are the challenges
of the present generation. Our specialty is to make full use of
technology in teaching and learning activities to turn these
challenges into opportunities.